Saturday, September 12, 2009

The time has come to say good-bye to them.

We have 2 fillies that we have had for sale for a little while now.  We had a few interested people but, no buyers.  So Cowboy has been watching the sales and finally one has come up that he is interested in taking them to.  So last night we drove up to the pasture to load the two up.  The six that are in this pasture are always excited to see us.  We honk and they come a running. Last night was no different even with the truck ad trailer sitting in the pasture.  

Photobucket The one in the front, the buckskin is one that is one of the two that is going to the sale. Photobucket The other of the two is this black fily. I do love her but she just doesn't fit in to what we want our horse to be. She is more aggressive than we like so she needs to go. Photobucket We get the trailer opened up and the buckskin jumps in first thing so we hurry up and close the middle gate behind her. She was the one that we thought would be a pain to load. Lately she has not wanted to be caught. Then the black filly, Winter, came right up and stiffed the trailer out. I thought this is going to be easy cause she acted like she was going to just jump right in. Well that wasn't the case. We go about our routine. When we come up to check the horses we always bring some grain for a treat for them. Left the trailer open and while they are eating their feed the "three stooges" decided that they were going to get in the trailer. Photobucket Mind you these three are not one of the ones that we are needing in the trailer. Then they decided that it was time to get out. I guess they started to get a little nervous. Photobucket Once the stooges got out of the trailer we were finally able to get inter in the trailer on on our way we go. Photobucket

3 friends say:

Jennifer said...

I love your pictures!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

The pictures are great!! I like the one of them crammed in the trailer LOL!! The others are beautiful pics!!

Paula said...

Great pictures!