Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flower Pots

So in my journeys of blog hoping and reading about all the pretty flowers everyone is planting, I came across this blog. What an adorable idea. Since my dogs have takin over my flower bed I decided I wanted something different. I was finally able to get them all done and put together on Thursday night with the help of my hubby.




6 friends say:

Jennifer said...

How pretty!!! I hear ya about the dogs, I had the most beautiful snapdragons and they were just growing like crazy. Then the dog got in and laid on them. I really wanted to shoot the dog.

ClassiclyAmber said...

This is so cute 'n prettyfied! I love to stack my flower pots, too....but yours look especially cool with the bright colors! Love love! =-D

Midlife Mom said...

Oh my goodness what a great idea!!! I must try that next summer! Summer here is fleeting fast, in two weeks the kids go back to school and the nights will start turning cold. It's almost like someone turns a switch and the heat goes off. The pictures of your new baby are beautiful! The one of his head sleeping is just precious!! Hope all is well with you all, haven't seen you in a while!! xoxo

Midlife Mom said...

Just checking in to see if you have a new post up. :o) We are in the midst of a nor'easter here so I guess I'm inside for the day so am trying to catch up on some blogging. :o)

Two Against The World said...

lindas flores!

Icoat Wu said...