Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Rodeo...

Last Friday night  was the second rodeo the cowpokes have been to.    Of course I started out the evening a little nervous, what else is new.  But this time it was because oldest was going to ride.    She had entered to do the flag race.   Which is just run down to the end of the arena where there is a barrel with a bucket on top put your flag in the bucket and run home or in our cause as fast as your little heart desires.   Little cowboy entered in flags, barrels, and poles. 

We started out with him do barrels  As you can see he was having a hard time controlling his horse.  The horse who I will call haus because his name actually is cowboy but don't want to get anyone confused  wasn't thinking that they were really competing.  We find out later that the kids are running their horses up and down the hills behind all the trucks and trailer. ( when I say kids I mean cowboy and my neice of course not my cowgirl she is just watching)


By the time cowboy got haus under control they had already broke their pattern so it was a no time.  He went a head and ran him through the rest of the event but on the home stretch his stirrup came undone.    So we got that fixed with out any problems and told him to quit working haus to death or he wouldn't perform for him later.



See in that last picture he was looking down trying to figure out what happened to his stirrup.

Poles event went better he did really well but I had to watch form the concessions stand, I had volunteered to work for an hour.   His flag event went good to but he gets a little cocky and tried to throw the flag on a pole like a dart in the bucket and I know he is going to miss one day.  But it was a clean run.  Not sure what his times were on the events. 

When cowgirls age group for flags came up I went down and talked to her for a minute and told her that I just wanted her to try and trout down there put her flag in and trout back.   She agreed and I went back to the stands.  I knew  if I stayed down there she would have freaked out before she went in.   But, guess what she trotted down put her flag in and trotted back just like I asked.  When she was done she rode over close to the stand and she was beaming from ear to ear.  She told me "that wasn't that bad.  Next week I think that I will do more event.   I just don't want to lope but maybe I will gallop"  I didn't want to tell her the difference so I just agreed with her.   My mother in law has the video of her and I still haven't got last weeks video of cowboy so, hopefully I will get those soon.   I will post them as soon as I get them.

4 friends say:

spanki said...

another successful rodeo! good job! so, tell me, how did you get involved w/rodeos and "in the know". we feel kind of lost, like little fish in a big sea! we just moved to a small town, madisonville, (i doubt anybody is stalking me) it is about an hour north of houston and and about an hour south of dallas. i wish we could come visit and watch you guys compete!

Ranch Mommy said...

Wow ~ Looks like fun!! I love going to the pee wee rodeos. Our next one isn't until next month. Poo!

Train Wreck said...

Awesome! Good job everyone! How great that your kids enjoy the "sport" of horseback riding!! NFR here they come! Nice photos proud momma!

Momma / Cowgirl said...

Great times at the rodeo, yeehaw! Sounds like you have yourself there some super little cowpokes. We have an open horse show happening this Saturday and the wee ones are sure fun to watch.
Can't wait to see the videos.
happy horsin' around