Friday, June 13, 2008


Okay so I thought the other night was just one of those nights but apparently it has been the whole week.
Here is my mare, Sugar, yes the same one that didn't want to load in the trailer the other night

The horseshoer came by yesterday after noon to trim her feet and little mans horse. We pulled my mare out and noticed she had a HUGE wound on her chest. This is the same mare that just got home from the trainers. I am so disappointed.

I mean I could put a deck of cards in this gapping huge wound. So now we get to do all the fun, not really fun , doctoring twice a day.

So this week has been very disappointing and frustrating. I am just hoping this isn't a sign of how things will go tonight at little mans first rodeo. Wish us luck.

Doesn't anyone else have those week when nothing goes right and everything is so wrong????

2 friends say:

Pony Girl said...

Hello there. I just found your blog via Dreams of a Country Girl. You did a nice job with your template and banner. That is pretty fancy!
Sorry to hear about your mare's injury. Did she get it at the trainer's? How do you think she did it? I am sure she will be on the mend soon.
Hope to see pictures from the rodeo. Have fun!

Jen said...

No she got hurt at home. She had been home from the trainers for about a week now. Not sure how she did it. But we hauled her to the vet and they put a few stitches in it and it seems to be healing very well. Thanks