Saturday, June 14, 2008


Well, the rodeo was awesome. Little man did very well. This was his first year to rodeo. He ran barrels and poles and really gave it his all. He didn't place but we don't care. He had an awesome time. He wasn't scared or nervous unlike me when we pulled up to the rodeo grounds and there are 3 million other kids on horses. I knew that he could do good but the poor boy has barely left the house with his horse before.

Okay here comes the sad part. I have a very nice camera. It's a Cannon digital Rebel xTi that I got for my birthday back in April. I have the kit lens that came with the camera, a 50mm lens, and a 75-300mm lens. Took the camera with me thinking that with all that equipment I would be able to get some awesome pictures of him. Well taking moving picture is way different that still photos and I need to master the moving. All of my pics of him turned out blurry.

So if anyone has any suggestions on the settings my camera needs to be on that would be great.

My mother-in-law took videos of him so tommorow when I get them from her I will try to post those for anyone interested to see them.

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Pony Girl said...

That is so great Little Man had a great time at the rodeo! I agree that it's okay he didn't place- having fun and building confidence are the most important things at this age.
I am jealous of your camera! I'd be in your shoes- wondering how to use it. I just had a co-worker recommend the Rebel. She said it was great. I am eyeing a few cameras and hope to splurge later this summer or next year....

Laura said...

Hi - I found your blog from pony girl's comments, so I thought I would stop over and say hi!

I hope you can get your camera sorted out - is there a sports mode button on it? There may be a little dial thingy that has a bunch of settings with vague little picutres to tell you what they are - a flower for macro, a little running guy for sports mode, a mountain for landscapes, etc. That might help, but I've never used that camera, so I don't know for sure. I have a photographer coming to work with me tomorrow, so I'll try and remember to ask him...

I hope your horse with the cut is doing ok.

Looking forward to reading more from you...

Laura said...

Hi - I was talking to my photographer friend and here is his suggestion:

If you are using the 75-300mm lens and you are zoomed in, it will probably be blurry. Telephoto lens shots can get blurry if you move even a little bit. Check your camera settings to see if there is an image stablization option... You might also want to use a tripod to hold the camera steady. Good luck with your next set of photos!

Marla said...

I have the same camera my first word of advice is practice, practice, practice. Take it out of auto and play with the setting daily.

For most of my action shots I use the TV setting. And when using my 70-300 I will also use my tripod.

There are several places out there with sites that can help you learn about your camera and it's settings. 2peas in a bucket had a simple 12 weeks to better photos ( course they did that could help you learn the basic

Ranch Mommy said...

Good for him. We are going to our first play day this week-end and we'll see how my oldest kiddo does. Wish us luck!!

Horse Dreamer said...

Hey I too found your site from Pony girl.

My daughters 10 and 8 went to what we call Posse for the first time last night. They ran barrels, poles and were suppose to do the stakes race but it got to be too late so we came home. I must admit both girls jogged or loped the courses. I didn't care, they had fun and the horses behaved themselves. So congrats on your Little Man's outing.

As for the camera issue. I have a digital rebel and all the advice I've heard is sound advice. What I have found trying to take action shots is I do better when I adjust for the shutter speed. It has to be fast to get a clear picture when action is taking place. The camera should have a setting where you can adjust that and then the camera will automatically change the aperature to the appropriate setting.

If that is too complicated then I recommend trial and error with using the regular setting ( the action setting [the guy running] does not work well in the dark or with zoom) and moving the camera slightly in the same direction as the action. It does actually work when timed well and with a steady vertical hand.

I would love to hear how you do next time.