Monday, June 16, 2008

Rain Rain go away.

It is raining again. Who can get anything done with all this rain. It is hard to be able to feel like I am doing a good job getting my mares wounds cleaned when I am out there with the hose and being drenched in the rain. I know that it has to be done regardless if it is raining or not. But does feel a little pointless when I end out more wet than her.
Cowboy had to work late and older 2 cowpokes are in town with Nana. so, littlest cowgirl and I are cleaning the house. I am not sure we are making any progress but she is at least trying to help.
Oh and my little man does have more that one set of clothes. I just realized after looking at past post that he is wearing the same shirt on Tues night and on Friday. Little man wants to make sure he looks like a cowboy when we go out. He only has a few short sleeve shirts that are "cowboy shirts". I will try to make sure he has different clothes on the next time I post pics. ha ha

3 friends say:

spanki said...

wow- my boys would be so jealous of your horses and your little cowboy! that's the life we are trying to get to!!!

Pony Girl said...

That is really cute he likes he looks like a cowboy! I can't wait to have a little boy so I can dress him like a little cowboy, lol!

Momma / Cowgirl said...

How cute about Littlest Cowgirl wanting to help clean. You gotta let them, even though it may mean going back and redoing some spots... but as my mother told me once after she finally realized something one day when she visited me and my home was in such disarray because I just let the kids (all 6 of them) play with anything they wanted to without limitations, anyway... she told me, "life is your kids and family, your home is a home the way you have made it and it is brimming with love, who cares if it's a mess."
And right now, I have a couple little foster children (boys age 2 and 3)that I can't keep up with, but again, life is about the family, not whether I have a clean home all the time...
OK, done with my justification of having a messy house... LOL

happy horsin' around!