Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wonderful Evening.

Yesterday was my 10Th anniversary. Cowboy wanted to go to dinner so I drove an hour into town to meet him and go eat. We decided on Chilli's after flipping a coin. We couldn't decide on Chilli's or this little Mexican joint that we like. Back home there is no where to eat. Oh, I take that back there is a local pizza place that is good but pizza gets old fast. Or you can choice to drive 13 miles from our home and eat McDonald's. Yipee So, we have this dilemma every time we make it in to "town" where do we go eat. The choices back home are so lacking that when we do have choices we feel like we need to eat at 4 different restaurants to be able to get everything we love all in.
Anyways we had a good dinner and we were stuffed after eating that we needed to walk. What better way than to go shopping. Again the stores back home are lacking so we get excited about stores most people wouldn't get excited about. We stopped at Tractor Supply and they were having a clearance sale. Cowboy bought 3 shirts and I found a couple. Next, off to Sheplers to get cowboy some new jeans. Then, to Atwood's for me some new jeans and a pole pruner for cowboy. Back to pick up cowpoke kids. two of whom rather stay with grandma that come home with us. Then headed back home to do chores.
Not much of a big to do evening but, we had a good time. I had planned on taking my camera to get a couple pics of us but, of course forgot it at home and when home is an hour away you just don't get to run back for something.

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Momma / Cowgirl said...

CONGRATS to you and your Cowboy!! May you be on the long road to many many more years together!

I certainly hear ya about the travel thing to go to eat. We will usually only make a "trip" into the big town when we have to do a bunch of things. We now have a 2nd pizza place and a subway to go along with a few fast food places in our little town (which is about 8 miles from home)

happy horsin' around!