Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another Rodeo.

Okay I know that I am behind on blogging but, have been busy at home.  Last Friday we had another youth rodeo.  Again a real good time.  This time little cowboy  was going to do barrels, poles,flags, and goats and oldest cowgirl entered in flags, poles, and goats.  

Here is little man running down to get off his horse for tying the goats.  Notice the man standing right in my way well, that's  my dad and he better hope he got some good pictures cause all I got was the back side of him.  haha 




Next came barrels for him.



Then there was flags. 




The poles pictures didn't come out to good.  So on to the Oldest Cowgirl.  Here first event was goat tying.   This was her first time doing this and she loved it. 






Her goat didn't stay tied but she tried really hard.   Next she had poles which was hard to take photos of.  Then there was flags. 






She did good in the flags she got 4Th place.  The smile on her face when the announced she got 4th you would have thought she got 1st. 

Both the kids did an awesome job at the rodeo and are trying to better there riding ability.   We are very proud of both of them.  We get a weekend off from the rodeo because of the 4th.   It will be a nice break. 

7 friends say:

Train Wreck said...

You do know what you are getting yourself into don't you! LOL!! They are so cute! (Only 2 of our 5 want to rope, or ride?)
Your Little Buckaroos are doing great. And of Course I will add you to my "corral" of coolness! Thanks for all your great comments!

Pony Girl said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Wish I could have grown up with the chance to do rodeo like that.
Maybe in my next life.... ;) I'm getting more comfortable with my sister's goats, so maybe goat-tying is in my future, lol!

spanki said...

i am getting so excited looking at your pics. we have a friend that knows a little about youth rodeos and he is keeping us posted. it looks so fun, i wish i could do it, i think i could tie a goat!

spanki said...

don't you tell anyone i have practiced on my children!!

Train Wreck said...

Now Spanki, I'm sure no one will mind if you "practice on your "kids!" (Get it? kids? Baby goats are called kids!!) Where do these quirks come from!! LOL
However when you won all the contest they my ask for a copy of you birth certificate!!Or worse what if the kids won, and you sat down in the middle of the arena and cried! You better let CL tell us all about her little western athletes!!

Midlife Mom said...

I too wish we had the youth rodeos when I was growing up. Just don't have that kind of thing around here, just regular shows of walk, trot and canter also dressage is big here. That's too complicated for me!
Good job kids!!!!

Momma / Cowgirl said...

I love seeing the pics, thank you for sharing a great time with us.
I do not have little kiddos that are involved in horses and I so wish I did. If I find out that the 2 little foster boys we have will be with us a long time, then I am going to make them my little cowboys. So far they both want to ride real bad.

take care and
Happy Horsin’ Around from

*as you can tell, I am making my way backward thru your posts doing some catch up. *smiles*