Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Talented Kids.

Okay I must have some talented kids.  They played in the water hose the other day because I am a mean mom and wouldn't take them to the pool.  ( Like I need to scare everyone out of the pool by me getting in a swimsuit)

Here are some of the talents of my cowpoke kids. 

Here is the youngest one she thought  it was so awesome that she could hold on to the cup on her face with out using her hands.



Here are the other 2 kiddos.  The know how to be water fountain statues. 




Of course the youngest has her own personal swimming pool.  Too bad the dogs have to drink out of it.




Then there is the last talent of the youngest or at least she thinks it is a talent.  The crack always has to appear at some point in time.




Anyone else kids have such great talents as mine??? lol

5 friends say:

Midlife Mom said...

I'd say those are some pretty talented kids you've got there! The one that was a little 'cracked' is adorable!! :o)

spanki said...

too funny! now this is a talent show my kids can participate in!! good to have you back, you've been missed!!!

Train Wreck said...

High Five!! I too am a bad mom! Why take them in to a public pool when we have a private cow tank!!! LOL!! It was good enough for us!!

Meg said...

Too cute! Water hoses, stock tanks...dirt tanks...we did it all and it was good enough back then and it's good enough now!

Momma / Cowgirl said...

They never cease to amaze us. They looked like they were having a grand old time. Keep that camera on the ready.

I too don't take the wee ones to the public pool (which we just got in this little town this past summer). WE just go in a big turtle thingy that is really suppose to be for a sandbox... LOL

take care and
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