Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good thing we have 4 wheel drive...

So yesterday  while at work it poured rain all day long of coarse this is after it rained non stop the night before.    It has been raining off and on here for days , at first I was excited about  it.  If the ground was to wet outside Cowboy would stay in the house and work on  our bathroom ( the remodel has been going on for almost a year now).  But now I am just tired of the rain.  I know I really don't have any room to talk cause I am in the middle of Kansas and there are a lot of other people who have it way worse that we do here but, I am tired of it.

Schools called at around 2 and the "country" bus kids need ways home cause the dirt roads are too bad to be driving buses on.  So Cowboy and I left work early to go pick up the kids.   I didn't get a good picture of when we really was picking up the kids cause that was pure chaos.  So, about 2 hours later when we were out I made cowboy run by the school so I could snap a quick pictures.  This picture does no justice to the amount of water that was surrounding the school.  At one point in the day they had all roads to the school barricaded  because of the high water, Why are kids were still in school is beyond me. 


Then on our way home down our dirt road this is what we kept running into.


Not sure if you can see it but that white speck on the left of the picture is my mailbox.


When we got home the tub that we feed one of our horses is was almost full of water.  Cowboy measured it and we got 10 inches during the day .




But,  hey at least the Cowpokes  had fun helping  Cowboy clean all the water out of the basement window wells .( One of the next remodel project to get fixed)   They managed to find all sorts of worms, toads, and frogs .  Our course the cowpokes thought we had to save all of them so we found quite a few. IMG_2332


Some of us just wanted to watch .


Hope everyone else is doing okay with the weather.

4 friends say:

Train Wreck said...

I love your new blog layout! And your pictures a great! I was beginning to worry about you!

Jamie said...

A couple of months ago here where I live we got 10 inches of rain in 20 minutes two days in a row....Pretty serious flooding was going on....It was soooo bad in certain parts of our state that almost an entire town was wiped out by the flooding.

The Wife said...

Wow, that was a lot of rain. Hope you've dried out some!

Midlife Mom said...

Wow! That's a lot of water! Glad you weren't flooded out. We haven't had rain in over two weeks so really need some but not that much! Take care!