Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spanki I hope you forgive me...

I won a challenge that Spanki had on her blog a couple months back. I was and am ecstatic that I won. I never, never win anything. Well I got my prize over a month ago and my camera was in the shop so, I couldn't take a picture of my lovely prize. She gave me the choice between 4 wonderful gifts and I couldn't make up my mind which one I wanted. I asked her to pick for me since I am so indecisive. This is what she picked out for me and I love it.

I had a hard time deciding where to put it. So it is in my living room on my built in shelving. On these shelves I have some of my great gift that I have received from wonderful friends and family.

On the top shelf with the cross is a guitar that belonged to my grandpa that died of lung cancer when I was 5. On the second shelf is a family picture of us, a horse statue ( gift from my mom), a scented oil burner ( a gift form my sister-in-law), and some of my horse books. On the bottom shelf is nice box and a candle holder both gifts from a wonderful friend, some more pictures , and a small collection of stuff from the older 2 cowpokes that they don't want little cowgirl to get.

So I hope Spanki that you aren't mad at me that it took so long to get this up. I truly treasure your gift and the friendship.

6 friends say:

spanki said...

i am so honored that you would place this gift among all of the other special and treasured gifts from friends and family. and although we have not met in person, i am blessed to have made a friend in you! it looks great! i am so glad it got there in one piece!!

Train Wreck said...

Oh Spanki doesn't get mad! Silly! What a great shelf of memories!! The cross was a beautiful choice, it fits in perfectly!

{i}Post said...

Thanks for stopping in over at 9 Acres. You have a lovely blog too! i love meeting new country folk! ;0) Here is a link to the furniture since you were asking about my desk. *smooch*|1124051947

{i}Post said...

Crap, it cuts off the whole link. Here, let me put a space in it. When you copy it, just take the space out.

If that doesn't work, google "Kathy Ireland Office Furniture" ;0)

The Wife said...

The cross is beautiful. You found the perfect spot. I hope your father is doing better.

Thanks for spending a few minutes to visit me!

Pony Girl said...

It looks great! I love the shelf and I love all your artifacts on it.
How is your dad doing? I hope he is okay!