Saturday, October 4, 2008

Buckles, we now have buckles.

The awards banquet for the rodeo circuit the two oldest cowpoke participated in was tonight. Instead of receiving monetary awards after each rodeo the kids get tack and such at the end of the season. As long as they participate in 3 rodeos and the finals they get the loot of goodies. In my opinion this is way better for the kids that are just starting out.

All my little cowboy wanted out of the whole banquet was a dinner plate belt buckle( you know the ones you could turn over and are as big as a dinner plate.)Well guess what one of his awards was for.

The the oldest cowgirl didn't care at all what she got. She was just excited to get anything. Well guess what she got a buckle too.

They also got a jacket, t-shirt, hat, feed bucket, bucket strap, brushes, comb, dewormer, saddle blanket, bronc halter, and some other odds and ends. Wow, they sure did get a lot of loot for just having fun every Friday night all summer long.

5 friends say:

Treasia said...

Congrats to both the kids. Thanks for taking me back in time to receiving my own. Aww memories.

The Wife said...

Buckles, that's the top of the top in awards for rodeos. How awesome that they both got one! My neice has been rodeoin' for several years and has buckles coming out her ears. Congrats to the cowpokes!

Train Wreck said...

Hey Of course I love to stop by her!! I can't add you to my (Top)Blog List? When I add you and then click on it is has an error?? I have to click on your name in the comment section? That's why I left my Lower Blog roll.

Now on to the important stuff!Congratulations to your kiddos!! How excited they must be! THey will need a special belt for their "platters!!" Great pictures of them also! Good looking buckaroos!!

{i}Post said...

Hooray for the kids. Times they are sure to remember! My hubby grew up in the country (i am a suburban transplant)and he LOVED buckles too!

Train Wreck said...

Oh I like your new Photo!! I am about to update mine too!!