Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nice Things.

Does anyone else ever feel like between the kids and hubby that you can't have anything nice. Well that is usually the way it is around here except it is usually the kids that are tearing apart my things. I know that they are just "things" but, when you work hard to have nice "thing" it gets irritating. So of course this weekend was no different other that it was a true accident. Saturday we got up mid morning did chores and our usual weekend routine.
Well hubby decides to start weed eating around the house and I am on the other side doing something. I hear him yelling at Little cowboy and the youngest cowgirl to not touch anything and to get back. I come around the front of the house to see my nice glass screen door shattering. The big door is open and the kids are on the inside. So I run around to the garage door and come inside and gently shut the big door. The thought of all that glass in the house was awful.

Okay so you can see right where the rock hit it.

The shattered glass was pretty looking. We just let it crackle and hubby decided that the easiest thing to do it let gravity take its course. First the middle started to buckle and bow a little bit.

Then the glass started to slowly fall. I didn't get any shots of the whole big mess cause it was probably an hour or two later that the whole thing finally came out. Then we had the BIG mess to clean up!

4 friends say:

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh yeah it was cool looking LOL!! Still stinks!!

Broken Y said...

Girl - I can sooooo relate! Between the soft baseballs and footballs that are not supposed to break anything to the wrestling and rough-housing! I've given up!

It did sparkle pretty in the sunshine!

Midlife Mom said...

I went through it with kids and now my grand kids can do a pretty good job of wrecking the house! haha!

So sorry your door got broken but just glad no one was hurt in the process!

Jennifer said...

Oh wow!