Thursday, July 23, 2009


I know that I have been missing for a long while. I have had to deal with the loss of someone I never got to meet. I am not ready to talk about it here but, I will let you all in soon. I promise. I am going to get back to regularly posting. Other than our loss it has been a good summer. The kids and I have enjoyed the fact that I have been off work since the first of June. Here are just a few pics that I have recently taken and I will start posting more of the happening of the summer soon.

3 friends say:

Stephy said...

Welcome back, really missed your blogs!!!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Well howdy doody neighbor!!! Can't wait for some regular blogging from you:) With pictures too :P

Broken Y said...

Hey sweet friend! You have been covered in prayer and loved from a distance. Glad you are back to the blog and know that YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED!