Saturday, February 6, 2010

Where have I been.

So about 2 weeks ago I was browsing along on the internet minding my own business when I get a pop up window. This particular pop up said that it was a anti virus software warning me that I had viruses. I knew right away that it was virus. It was not my virus protection that I had on my computer as I currently had Nortons. So I clicked out of it quickly ran a scan with Nortons. Nortons found one virus and removed it. Done deal or so I thought. About 30 minutes later the same pop up window showed up. I again clicked out of it and ran a scan. Nortons found another virus and removed it. This time I noticed on my desktop there was an icon for the fake antivirus software. I then went to my control panel to try and uninstall the software. About that time is when my computer kicked me out and restarted. Once it restarted I then had just a black screen with my white mouse cursor. I quickly started researching from my phone, which is real fun let me tell you. The pop up window that I had been getting was for " Internet Security 2010". It was a scam to get people who don't realize it is a scam to put in there credit card information. People think that they are paying for an upgraded full version of this so called antivirus program. Here is the kicker, I thought that by clicking out of it I was doing the right thing. This virus I am told is smart. Anytime you click on any part of your screen once the pop up window has appeared it gives the virus permission to worm its way into your registries and updates. So Nortons did find the initial worm but the rest was hiding laying dormant in the updates. Once your computer does one of it automatic updates the virus is put back to life. I found out that if this pop up window comes up that you need to hold down the power button on your computer and turn it off. Turn it back on and then run your antivirus software to get rid of the initial worm since you turned it off you never gave the virus permission to invade your computer. I will say that the pop up window does look legit and I can see how people who don't know anything about viruses can get pulled in.

Here is what one of the pop up windows that it may give you looks like

SO I have been reinstalling my operating system, all my programs and finding the rest of my stuff. I was very good about backing up, certain things I have on dvds, others I have saved on my external hard drive and I also have an online back up account. The online back up account is awesome cause it automatically back up every so many hours so, I think the only thing I "lost" is a few pictures that I had uploaded 30 minutes before all the mess.
My hopes with the long post is that it might help someone else from all the headache that I have had to deal with. I think things are almost back to normal on the computer so I should be back to posting now.

5 friends say:

These Are The Days said...

Sorry to hear that. What a pain in the rear. I recently had a bunch of viruses on mine...$428 later it was taken care of. The sad thing is, the computers original cost was approx that. UGH!

West Texas Wife said...

First time to drop by... I love your blog very cute!

Paula said...

That stinks big time!! Hope all is well now!

The Urban Cowboy said...

That really sucks. I recently had to fix a neighbors computer after the EXACT same thing happened to her.

Domenico Rubini said...

Signori,io uso da 4 anni AVG antivirus e Glary Utilitis per velocizzare e sistemare il pc...OTTIMI a mio avviso!!! Ciao!!!