Friday, July 18, 2008


Okay Spanki is having a contest over on her blog. I am playing, you can go check out her amazing blog. But there is no need to play because I am sure I have already won. So there is no need to enter. I just want everyone to go check out this amazingly talented woman. I am pretty sure that she can do it all and she's even cute. How lucky can one woman be.

6 friends say:

Momma / Cowgirl said...

GOOD LUCK with the contest!

I just do not have that kind of time to participate, but it looks like fun.
take care and
Happy Horsin’ Around from

Pony Girl said...

Well I haven't entered yet, guess there is no point now, LOL!
Just kidding....I'm going to give you a run for your money! ;)

Midlife Mom said...

I think I may mosey over and see what that contest is all about! heehee! Like Pony Girl said, give you a run for your money, or whatever the prize is! You guys sure have been busy with the rodeos! Great that the kids are doing so well. Have fun visiting your grandma. So sorry about your papa, that's so hard, I've lost all of my grandparents and I still miss them to this day!

Midlife Mom said...

Hey you won!! Yeehaw!!

Train Wreck said...

LOL! Did you win? I am headed there next! Wow you are a busy cowgirl! I hope you did win!

spanki said...

jen- congrats!!! now hurry on over to pick out your gift!! i just loved shopping, i really hope you like one of them!!