Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Okay so it has been almost 2 weeks since we went to go visit grandma but, I have been waiting on my dad to give me the pictures from the trip.  he took the majority of the pics of the kids.

Of course we started out the day in the pool.  I am pretty sure we spend the whole Saturday in the pool. 

Oldest cowgirl is loving lounging in the pool on the noodles.


Little Cowboy likes the water okay but , is more timid about it than anyone else.


The littlest cowgirl now she is a fish.  As long as she has those floaties on she can do anything.  She let Cowboy throw her up in the air and fall in the middle of the pool.   Then she would laugh and want to do it again. 



My great grandma made it over to watch all the excitement for a while and we were able to take a 5 generation picture.   Please don't judge the way I look in the picture,   I have been in the pool way to long and just finished a round of prednisone for poison ivy ( hint the bloating face>)


Cowboy and little cowboy got to do a little fishing at grandma's pond and managed to catch a pretty good size catfish. 


 Chris fish



Notice how cowboy lets my cousin pick it up and get all dirty. Little cowboy was a little more reserved about putting his hands on that thing. 


dylan fish

We had a nice family dinner and visited the rest of the evening. Then on Sunday we got up and did some more swimming.  Cowboy and my dad did a few honey do's for my grandma.  It appeared everything that she owns that requires a battery is dead, a truck, golf cart, 4 wheeler and even the tractor we were picking up from her.   Managed to get the tractor and the mini bike ( that I got to ride around on when I was a kid) loaded up and headed back home.   I was not sure I was ready to head home but, it was time.  Seems grandma is thinking about selling her place and building something smaller that is less of an upkeep.  This is the place her and papa built the year I was born  so, as far as I am concerned she has never lived anywhere else.  Cowboy wants to buy the place because he thinks just like me that this place is awesome .  It would be a lot of fun if we could make it happen and make this our vacation home.    So if anyone wants to make a large donation to the cause of my vacation house that would be great. 



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Shonda Little said...

I love your photographs. It's nice to find other blogs filled with fish and cattle and what not.