Sunday, January 18, 2009


The school sends a note home with the oldest kids that the high school girls are holding a cheer clinic fundraiser. They would practiceon Thursday night and cheer on Friday night at the boys varsity game and they go a cute t-shirt that said "Junior Runners." Ofcourse my oldest wants to do it and she soon relizes that the youngest cowgirl is old enough to do it too. So, I was nice and signed them up.
We get there on Thursday night and my youngest cowgirl ( who is not the least bit shy) doesn't want to get on stage and learn. She keeps saying "there are too many people, tell them to go home." One of the cheerleaders finally talk her into getting up there. Well lets just say there is no way that she learned any thing. She sucked her thumb part of the time and the other part she layed on the floor on her tummy ad watched everyone else. So I just chalked it up to she won't do it tom night and I just bought her an expensive t-shirt. Oldest on the other hand did awesome and learned the 2 cheers and the dance.
So Friday night at the game, the youngest was out toprove me wrong. She went out ther and pretended to preform. She didn't know all of the dance or the cheers but, she smiled and waved, and yelled hi to her daddy. lol

4 friends say:

Davisix said...

Aaaawwwww....they're so cute! I remember being too shy to get in front of people. Not anymore! hehe Loved the pics!! xoxo Ang

kdwhorses said...

Too cute!
Poor thing got stage fright!

The Wife said...

That is about how I performed as a cheerleader!

Love the new background and header!

Broken Y said...

How cute is that! Little stinker!