Monday, January 19, 2009

A day in the life of my youngest.

On Sunday we head to the rodeo about 30 minutes from home. Plan on being there all day as it is a youth rodeo and they take all day. Everyone that knows my youngest cowgirl knows that she is a clutz. There are days that I watch her fall down 3 or 4 times while walking. She should have been named Grace.
So, of coarse we get there and my kids and my niece take off to go play. Oldest comes back a little while later and she is dragging the youngest with her. She says that the youngest has ripped her pants.

She somehow caught them on a nail. Doesn't surprise me. Which at this point in her life not a lot surprises me.
So we watch the majority of the rodeo and then here comes the oldest again. Except this time the youngest is following nicely and crying. Again not a surprise. By the time she reaches me the oldest tells me that she has ran into a pipe fencing that was sticking out. It was already black and blue. She is lucky she didn't break her nose.

We ice it and tell her it will be okay. By the time we get home it has started to swell and I image waking up in the morning to find half of her face black and blue and swollen. I think she lucked out cause it was a little swollen and a little more black but, not as bad I as I expected.

A day in her life is never dull on the plus side I won a silent auction at the rodeo. I got cowgirl 5 new long sleeve button downs for cheap. When I showed her I got them for her that made things all better. See she is my girl shopping makes everything better.

6 friends say:

Christy said...

LOL! That sweet little face doesn't look like she'd be such a clumsy one!

I'm going to guess though she had a GREAT Time at the rodeo despite the injuries!

Broken Y said...

Sweet baby! Tell her that bruises make her look tough!

What did you win at the silent auction?!

kdwhorses said...

Poor thing! Glad she is okay! Woo hoo on the shirts!

RanchGirl said...

Awww! Poor baby!

Pony Girl said...

Hi Jen, glad to find you again. I like the new look over here, very cowgirl cool! Your previous blog would never load when I opened it~ often it would actually freeze up my computer. It was the strangest thing. So I couldn't drop by for a visit. ;(
Sorry to hear your little one is so accident prone! At least she'll grow up to be one tough cookie! I had a friend's 1 year old jump up and hit me in the eye with his head. I had a shiner for weeks! That was one tough head, lemme tell ya! ;)

Melissa said...

My youngest daughter is very accident prone- she's a tough little tomboy, and the funniest thing- her middle name IS Grace!