Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas program..

Okay so I know that this is really late but, oldest cowgirl just had her program last night. It was postponed twice because of the weather. I kept thinking I would post the pictures from the oldest two programs together. I guess I am just a slacker. So here are a few pictures for the events.
I am pretty sure the elementary school was out of trash bags after cowboys program. He was quite embaressed whe he had to go up to the microphone and talk. I was lucky enough to get a good picture of him sticking his toungue out at me. I know some of you will think that is disrespectful but, it was a joke we had going on before the show. I told him I needed him to smile so I could take pictures his reply was I am going to just stick my tongue out.

I don't think that the oldest cowgirl smiled once during her program. I knew that at one point she would smile and I would get a good picture of her but, no not even a grin. okay I was wrong, I did get a little frin. Oh well, she did atleast look nice for the program. She is starting to care about what she wears and how she looks. Which I am sure I will regret saying this but, I am glad that she is starting to care. I was getting worried cause before it didn't matter how she left the house. There has been days where I am sure she would have worn dirty clothes and not brushed her hair if her dad or I didn't say anything.

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Broken Y said...

Jen - So happy you stopped by! Where in the world are ya - only 1 hour away! Ya'll can come over and rope!

Love your blog - your babies are precious! I'll be checkin' back in and hope you'll do the same!

I have quite a few pix of the place in some of my first posts. But will get some more on!

So happy to meet a new friend! Who knows - we may just have alot in common!


Broken Y said...

Jen! We've got just what your husband needs - it's the crazy thing my son is pulling behind the four-wheeler. It's called a hot heels! Send me an email and we'll talk about getting together!

The Wife said...

Got something for ya. come on over!