Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Okay so one of my resolutions is that I am going to blog more often so some of this may get boring. I have a facebook account and I was told today that I need to update my pictures on there. I was reminded that I take 12 million pictures and I should have at least a few that I want to put on there. So, being the good person that I am came home and tried to upload a few pictures. Well facebook asked me to install active-x which I did about twelve times and it still won't let me upload the pics. Every time I get close, it ask es me to install again. I tried to install then shut the whole thing down and start again, that didn't work either. Do after about 50 minutes of fighting with it, I have given up. If any one knows what I am doing wrong feel free to let me know.

On more of a serious note. I have a best friend who is going through a really tough time in her life right now. She has chosen to turn to alchol to help her with her life. She knows that she needs help and has seeked out help twice now and received treatment. But keeps going back to the bottle. Her family is awesome. Supporting her in EVERY way possible. Us friends have are beyond supportive. I have personally defended her in any way possible even to my husband.(Which has caused some arguments between he and I) My problem is she was "clean" for 30 days and her life started to look up. But, for some reason she chose to drink again even when things are good. She caused her self to end up in the ER and scared everyone in her life. So, how do I continue to defend her when I don't understand why she chose to go back. Plus, I am having a hard time being supportive without being very mad at her. I know what the right thing to do is, that is be supportive and here for her in anyway possible but, I am just having a hard time.
So that is just my little vent for the day. We had a "Christmas" program for the oldest cowgirl tonight. (It has postponed before Christmas because of the weather.) I am going to post pictures of her program and little cowboys,his actually got done before Christmas. But, that will have to wait till tomorrow cause I need to head off to bed.

4 friends say:

Train Wreck said...

Oh Jen you are a good friend. Unfortunatley sometimes it needs to be a tough love that you must give. Some people will take advantage of peoples kindness. They need to hit hard enough that they realize you are there to help them. I am sorry you have to witness your friend hurting herself and her friends and family first hand. Please let us know how everything is going.

Anonymous said...

Hugs! I hope when things even out for her, she realizes what a treasure you are to have as a friend. Take care of yourself and your family first though, 'cause you're no good to anyone if helping others causes issues in your own family!
God Bless

The Wife said...

Oh how I can relate to your problem. My mom just called yesterday to inform me my brother was in jail AGAIN for DWI. This has been going on since I was in high school. He had a wreck on the morning of my graduation. I'm with Trainwreck on tough love. He knows I love him but I DO NOT and WILL NOT tolerate his behavior.

Christy said...

Jen I just recently started reading your blog so I don't know you well, but you appear to have this huge heart. One thing I've learned over the years is sometimes people need tough love, they don't need to have people always to support them, love them, pray for them, yes absolutely but there for them to pick up the pieces and support them, unfortunately not always.

She's choosing her decision. She's an alcoholic and not you or any of her friends or family are going to come first before the alcohol until she's ready to take charge of her life and truly see what has control over her.

Praying for you as this can not be easy for you to watch someone you love destoy herself and ultimately kill herself slowly in front of you.